Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors

Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors

Latex mattresses

Such products have excellent orthopedic qualities, thanks to which the spine is supported. In addition, latex mattresses for the elderly are moderately rigid, and for patients, it is very important. Each part of the product has a certain degree of rigidity, corresponding to the needs of different areas of the body. Latex products are made of a material that absorbs moisture well, evaporating for a very long time. This is important to remember if your elderly relative has bladder problems. In such a situation, you should choose a mattress with a removable coating with water-repellent properties.

Foam mattresses (water-latex or biloxyl-latex)

These mattresses are less elastic than the models described above. Such mattresses are suitable only for people with normal weight.

Mattresses with solid spring block

Products differ in the fact that springs in them are connected so that continuous weaving is formed. According to reviews, such a mattress for an elderly person has several unpleasant features. For example, if you lie on it, then gradually you slide into the center, and if you turn over, you will feel vibrations across the entire surface of the product. Another major drawback to these mattresses is that the springs squeak strongly. In other words, if you select a mattress for an elderly person with a sore back, this is not the best option.

Mattresses with independent spring blocks

The model differs from the above in that the springs have covers that are sewn together, which prevents their friction and the appearance of an unpleasant sound. Such products allow you to distribute the load point.

Anti-decubitus mattresses

They are divided into two types: static and dynamic. Which mattress is best for an older person with limited mobility? Static models are suitable for such people because they protect against the appearance of pressure sores due to the fact that the product can adapt to the features of the body and evenly distribute the pressure.

Double-sided mattresses

Double-sided mattresses can be excellent for patients suffering from chronic spinal disease. They are also very convenient to use because during a period of a severe illness it is possible to turn it upwards with a rigid base, and when everything is back to normal, the senior can easily lie on the soft side. About Medicare advantage plan for older adults in the US: Medigap or advantage plans cover copay and coinsurance which aren’t included in a Traditional Medicare Program.

Hobbies for Seniors As An Additional Income

Hobbies for Seniors As An Additional Income

Many of the modern hobbies that retirees are fond of can bring them not only joy but also stable additional income. These activities include: Tutoring. For seniors who have worked as a teacher all their lives, this is the most suitable hobby and earnings option. Tutoring services are well paid. They are always in demand both in schoolchildren and applicants who need to be prepared for various exams. Hand Made. The space for creativity in this hobby is huge: from knitting exclusive items of clothing and jewelry to creating interior items. Made with love and in a single copy, such things are always valued above the factory ones. It is not necessary to search for buyers for each product yourself; you can entrust it to assistants or use special sites selling creations by various craftsmen.

  • Organization of a mini-kindergarten for children when the parents are at work.
  • If you are well acquainted with computers and specialized programs, are an active user of the Internet, then you have every chance to find a profitable part-time job on the internet.
  • Seniors can also engage in the below-mentioned hobbies for side income:
  • Writing articles and other texts to order.
  • Development of your own blog dedicated to your personal experience or a particular topic.
  • Preparation of essays, term papers, and tests (especially if you worked as a teacher at school or taught at a university, and you know very well how these works should be written).
  • Simple types of earnings – viewing links, passing paid tests, etc.

Even if you’re a senior who has never used a computer and do not know which way to approach it, do not dismiss the opportunity to gradually learn everything you need and start making money on the Internet. In any case, you will learn a lot of new and interesting information and, perhaps, acquire a new hobby. So the status of a senior citizen is not at all a reason to get upset and prepare yourself for a boring and hopeless existence. As you can see, there are many hobbies in the world that will provide you with pleasant emotions, new skills and an additional source of income. About Supplemental Health Insurance: Supplemental insurance or Medicare supplement plan quotes at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/quotes/ cover costs including copay, coinsurance, etc. for seniors who’re 65 & over.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Dentures in Old Age

The Importance of Cleaning Your Dentures in Old Age

Often time, there are cases when a person, for whatever reason, loses their teeth. In this case, dentures can be the best alternative for them. In order for the prostheses to last for a long time and remain in their original form, they need careful care as for natural teeth. There are rules for high-quality cleaning of dentures, which will be discussed below. Otherwise, dentures may become unusable. What happens when you fail to clean your dentures on a regular basis? A plaque appears on the tooth surface, the tooth becomes rough, tartar and pigment spots spoil the whole look, moreover, an unpleasant smell appears. You can avoid this by knowing how to clean your dentures at home.

Why You Should Clean Your Dentures in Old Age?

Dentures are of different types (the material of manufacture and the type may be different), but one thing unites them – any artificial design in the mouth is a source of microbial development. This is due to the fact that in the space between the gum and the prosthesis, there are particles of food and water. Therefore, to monitor such teeth is extremely important. What happens as a result of wrong or untimely cleaning of the prosthesis? The color of the denture is likely to change. Tobacco, tea, and coffee, as well as other natural dyes,  accumulate on the surface of the dentures. From this, the color of the prosthesis dims and loses its original luster.

There may also be an unpleasant taste due to bacteria that affect the taste buds of the tongue. Small ulcers form on the mucous membrane. This is due to the constant load of the denture on the mucous membrane, but as soon as the adaptation process takes place (it takes 3-4 weeks), the discomfort disappears. To make sure the inflammatory process (stomatitis) does not bother you, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene. In order to avoid accumulation of plaque on prostheses, dentures must be properly cleaned.

There is an unpleasant smell from the mouth (its scientific name is halitosis). It appears due to toxins caused by bacterial activity. In order to avoid the occurrence of the above symptoms, it is necessary to take proper care of your denture. About Medicare supplements: Elderly who are living in the US & over the age of 65 can check out Medicare supplement plans which enable them to pay for deductible & copay that aren’t included in Part A or B Medicare.

Tonometers for Seniors

Tonometers for Seniors

Tonometers for seniors can be selected taking into account the characteristics of the patient, that is, their age, state of health, lifestyle. The results may be incorrect if the patient has impaired hearing and vision. Purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home usage is not an easy task. Why Tonometers for older people should be in every home? Blood pressure is the pressure that turns blood on the artery walls. There are two indicators of blood pressure:

  • Systolic (upper) – the pressure level at the time when the heart muscle contracts and the blood is pushed into the arteries;
  • Diastolic (lower) – the level of pressure at the moment when the heart muscle is relaxed.

It is believed that the normal indicators of the upper pressure are 110-130 mm. Tonometers for the elderly should be in every home to keep track of the blood pressure and always be sure that everything is fine with grandparents. Increased blood pressure is manifested by a headache, redness of the face, the appearance of “flies before the eyes,” a decrease in efficiency, and a deterioration in memory. In addition to hypertension in older people, there is also hypotension, that is, a condition in which the pressure drops below normal.

Low pressure is accompanied by symptoms such as a headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations that occur during exercise. Tonometers for the elderly can determine the level of pressure. If the above symptoms are present, and the device shows too high or low rates, then immediate medical care should be considered. Blood pressure should be monitored by all people, but the elderly are particularly at risk. To track the indicators on your own, we recommend the use of blood pressure monitors for the elderly. Their manufacturers offer a wide range of models with various functions.

Tonometers: How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Omron (Japan) is a manufacturer that manufactures various devices, including blood pressure monitors for the elderly. They create quality models, however, their cost is 25-50% more than the cost of similar devices from another company. Microlife (Switzerland) – manufacturer of medical equipment for home and hospital use. The company produces electronic tonometers, heaters, equipment for asthmatics. It was Microlife who released the first mercury-free thermometers. Medigap Plans: Are you a senior citizen living in the United States & above 65? Take a look at Medicare supplement plans.

Causes of Shaky Hands in Seniors

Causes of Shaky Hands in Seniors

Shaky hands in the elderly is basically an involuntary trembling of the hands, triggered by muscle contractions. Such a tremor can be both short-term and constant. Trembling increases during stress.  There are multiple factors which may result in cause shaky hands in older adults. One of them is a strong nervous over-stimulation. People with a short temper find it difficult to contain anger and strong indignation. Such people are often susceptible to unpleasant tremor, which occurs at the end of a nervous “flash” and disappears as soon as a person masters their own senses. A noticeable tremor in the fingers is also observed due to other psychological problems:

  • Unrest on the eve of an important event;
  • Experienced grief;
  • Lasting fears;
  • Stress;
  • Depression.
  • Often the cause of trembling hands can be:
  • Intense physical exertion
  • Lifting and carrying heavy loads
  • Heatstroke,
  • Hypothermia

Shaky hands as a result of any of the above disappear simultaneously with the exclusion of these causes. It is more difficult to describe those cases where the tremor of the upper extremities constantly appears. In some older people, the trembling of the fingers begins while working with small details, in some even when the person feels calm. There is a simple test, with which it is easy to detect shaky hands. Both hands must be pulled forward at shoulder level with fingers spread. In this position, you need to stand for some time. If the tremor of the hands is present, then in a few minutes it will appear as a fine tremor. This jitter will increase significantly if you stand in this state for another couple of minutes. The reasons for the constant shivering can also be physiological factors:

  • Thyroid problems;
  • Diabetes;
  • Insufficient level of hemoglobin in the blood;
  • Renal failure;
  • Pathology in the liver;
  • Micro strokes.

To eliminate shaky hands in these cases, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive physical examination to identify a chronic disease. About Medigap: Also recognized as Medicare advantage plans at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/ they’re intended to compensate for the gaps within Original Medicare (consisting of Part A & Part B).

Diseases That May Lead to Burning Feet in Seniors: Part 1

Diseases That May Lead to Burning Feet in Seniors: Part 1


A burning sensation in the feet may occur due to the constant contact of the skin with an irritant, which can be both shoe material (this primarily refers to low-quality synthetics) and the fabric from which trousers or stockings are sewn (socks, tights). In this case, the older people will have a burning sensation with itching, redness, and swelling. In addition, figuring out why older people have burned legs, we note such an irritant as household chemicals or cosmetics (such as soap, foot skin care products, creams, etc.). In order to avoid such situations, experts recommend to carefully get acquainted not only with the composition of the means used but also with the expiration date.

Varicose veins

For older patients, especially for women, varicose veins are quite common. Progressive varicose veins are characterized by loss of veins in the legs, weakening of their walls, in connection with which they stretch and expand, and blood begins to circulate abnormally. Among the early symptoms of varicose veins include fatigue in the legs and the appearance of puffiness in the legs. In this case, the person may encounter a burning sensation in the calf area, rising to the knees. The most active symptoms will appear in the evening and at night, passing to the morning. However, failure to take therapeutic measures might lead to the progression of the disease, in addition to the unpleasant sensation of burning in the veins, sooner or later. The person might also encounter cramps in their legs.


Another very common reason that might lead to burning legs in seniors is a fungal infection. Fungal diseases are quite complex, and it is not always possible to notice them in a timely manner. Most often, the fungus primarily affects the folds between the fingers, and by the time you realize it, the skin itches badly start peeling and causes a severe burning sensation in the legs.


The symptoms of diabetes may also include the appearance of a burning sensation in the legs. Such a disorder is treated exclusively by a medical professional; the therapy is based on maintaining normal insulin levels in the blood. During treatment, an elderly person needs to monitor the condition of the feet, including checking whether new ulcers have appeared, using exceptionally mild care products, and carefully and correctly performing a pedicure.

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Best Types of Books for Older People

Best Types of Books for Older People

Choosing a book for an elderly person is a serious and difficult task that needs to be addressed individually in each case. So, it is important that the literature be of high quality and meet the individual preferences of the person. In addition, the chosen work must meet the goals of a bibliotherapist in relation to this elderly client. In general, the choice of a book for people of old age is not limited either by genre frameworks, authorship, or the time of its writing. However, there are publications that give the reader urgently needed and valuable knowledge, which teach self-control and management of one’s own state, set up the necessary emotional mood and help to form the right idea about oneself.

Books recommended for older people:

Special medical literature Medical books help a person to properly assess their condition, inform them about possible diseases and ways to combat them, stimulate them to engage in their prevention and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Philosophical literature

Just as medical literature helps the reader navigate the way their body is organized and what happens to it, philosophical literature gives an understanding of the processes taking place in the human soul. Finding yourself and your place in the universe, defining your attitude to other people and the world as a whole, recognizing the difference between the past, future, and present – this is what people have been looking for (and found) in philosophy for centuries.

Spiritual literature

The literature of spiritual content solves the same problem as the philosophical one, only in a more emotional and ethical aspect. It touches upon the problems of the meaning of being and purpose of a person, the search for true values, such as good, love and justice, affects not only the intellect but also the subconscious mind. Spiritual literature is quite popular among religious people.

Biographical and autobiographical literature

Biographical (including autobiographical) works make it possible to take a close look at the history of someone else’s life, with all its ups and downs, experiences and insights. The opportunity to join the experience of another person, to look at life through their eyes has an amazing effect on the reader. The most popular are the short and colorful biographies of celebrities or those who have managed to achieve something outstanding, to win over themselves, their bodies and difficult circumstances.

Humorous and satirical literature

Humor and satire affect a person’s emotions, improve mood, and convey deep ideas in a humorous, easy-going manner. In addition to psychological relaxation and distraction from current problems and sorrows, humorous literature provides good examples of witty conversation, free, liberated behavior in difficult life circumstances, reveals funny and funny even in the most serious situations.

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Life is a process characterized by numerous milestones. Some say that it begins from conception others from birth depending on one’s school of thought and ends at death. Both arguments are right the fact been that there is an obvious start and end point. It’s also a fact that the beginning or start of life is pleasant. Each and every new soul brought forth on earth is highly celebrated and not only by the parents but the society at large. Some view it as a “blessing” and indeed it is. Death on the other part brings with it nothing to celebrate. And nobody will ever term it as “deserved” regardless of the time or reasons behind its occurrence. Nobody wants to talk about it or plan for it even though it forms part of an inescapable part of life. Not the persons anticipating it due to various reasons or the ones to be left behind. It’s even a taboo to foresee death in some societal set-ups.


Can one live a complete life? Is there anything like a “complete life” to begin with? The answer is yes. Experiencing each and every permissible milestone in life; amounts to living a complete life. From birth, attending school, having a career and building it or venturing into entrepreneurship, starting a family for those who decide so to do, retirement, life after retirement and ultimate death at old age somehow sounds like a complete life.


Human beings strategically plan on how to execute all the above stages of life in order to go through the successfully. However most of them shy away from planning for their last day presumably due to the sensitivity that mankind has created around the issue and time has come for us to accept reality and live with it. Its time we approached this issue differently for it can be quite helpful.

Why should retirees talk about, prepare and plan for the last day?

One of the reasons why we work so hard during our career life is to create wealth not only for our own but for future generations. Sometimes this wealth can however be a curse rather than a blessing to that future generation. Everyone would want their children to coexist peacefully even after their demise. But that has not been the case always. Families have time and again irreversibly broken due to sibling rivalry over inheritance property. To avoid such a scenario retirees should take the necessary steps and distribute their properties as they wish while they still have time. Nobody knows the day or the hour. Get a supplement plan when you get medicare B at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.comMedicare Supplement plans 2019

I also believe that the persons who are mostly affected by death are the ones left behind after the demise of their loved one. I must also say that in some conditions and especially at old age death is foreseeable. A good example would be when suffering from age related terminal conditions, or when one is too old and natural death seems like the only possible next thing. At this point, it’s advisable for the elderly to talk to their loved ones, let them know that they are at ease with the condition. This makes it easy for them to accept whenever it happens and saves lot from suffering immense emotional pain and breakdown. As such moving on becomes easy for them and that’s a good thing. It’s a natural phenomenon just like the others. Let’s accept and talk about it.