Best Types of Books for Older People

Best Types of Books for Older People

Choosing a book for an elderly person is a serious and difficult task that needs to be addressed individually in each case. So, it is important that the literature be of high quality and meet the individual preferences of the person. In addition, the chosen work must meet the goals of a bibliotherapist in relation to this elderly client. In general, the choice of a book for people of old age is not limited either by genre frameworks, authorship, or the time of its writing. However, there are publications that give the reader urgently needed and valuable knowledge, which teach self-control and management of one’s own state, set up the necessary emotional mood and help to form the right idea about oneself.

Books recommended for older people:

Special medical literature Medical books help a person to properly assess their condition, inform them about possible diseases and ways to combat them, stimulate them to engage in their prevention and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Philosophical literature

Just as medical literature helps the reader navigate the way their body is organized and what happens to it, philosophical literature gives an understanding of the processes taking place in the human soul. Finding yourself and your place in the universe, defining your attitude to other people and the world as a whole, recognizing the difference between the past, future, and present – this is what people have been looking for (and found) in philosophy for centuries.

Spiritual literature

The literature of spiritual content solves the same problem as the philosophical one, only in a more emotional and ethical aspect. It touches upon the problems of the meaning of being and purpose of a person, the search for true values, such as good, love and justice, affects not only the intellect but also the subconscious mind. Spiritual literature is quite popular among religious people.

Biographical and autobiographical literature

Biographical (including autobiographical) works make it possible to take a close look at the history of someone else’s life, with all its ups and downs, experiences and insights. The opportunity to join the experience of another person, to look at life through their eyes has an amazing effect on the reader. The most popular are the short and colorful biographies of celebrities or those who have managed to achieve something outstanding, to win over themselves, their bodies and difficult circumstances.

Humorous and satirical literature

Humor and satire affect a person’s emotions, improve mood, and convey deep ideas in a humorous, easy-going manner. In addition to psychological relaxation and distraction from current problems and sorrows, humorous literature provides good examples of witty conversation, free, liberated behavior in difficult life circumstances, reveals funny and funny even in the most serious situations.

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