Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors

Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors Latex mattresses Such products have excellent orthopedic qualities, thanks to which the spine is supported. In addition, latex mattresses for the elderly are moderately rigid, and for patients, it is very important. Each part of the product has a certain degree of rigidity, corresponding to the needs of different […]

Tonometers for Seniors

Tonometers for Seniors Tonometers for seniors can be selected taking into account the characteristics of the patient, that is, their age, state of health, lifestyle. The results may be incorrect if the patient has impaired hearing and vision. Purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home usage is not an easy task. Why Tonometers for older […]

Causes of Shaky Hands in Seniors

Causes of Shaky Hands in Seniors Shaky hands in the elderly is basically an involuntary trembling of the hands, triggered by muscle contractions. Such a tremor can be both short-term and constant. Trembling increases during stress.  There are multiple factors which may result in cause shaky hands in older adults. One of them is a […]


DEFYING THE NORMS Life is a process characterized by numerous milestones. Some say that it begins from conception others from birth depending on one’s school of thought and ends at death. Both arguments are right the fact been that there is an obvious start and end point. It’s also a fact that the beginning or […]