Life is a process characterized by numerous milestones. Some say that it begins from conception others from birth depending on one’s school of thought and ends at death. Both arguments are right the fact been that there is an obvious start and end point. It’s also a fact that the beginning or start of life is pleasant. Each and every new soul brought forth on earth is highly celebrated and not only by the parents but the society at large. Some view it as a “blessing” and indeed it is. Death on the other part brings with it nothing to celebrate. And nobody will ever term it as “deserved” regardless of the time or reasons behind its occurrence. Nobody wants to talk about it or plan for it even though it forms part of an inescapable part of life. Not the persons anticipating it due to various reasons or the ones to be left behind. It’s even a taboo to foresee death in some societal set-ups.


Can one live a complete life? Is there anything like a “complete life” to begin with? The answer is yes. Experiencing each and every permissible milestone in life; amounts to living a complete life. From birth, attending school, having a career and building it or venturing into entrepreneurship, starting a family for those who decide so to do, retirement, life after retirement and ultimate death at old age somehow sounds like a complete life.


Human beings strategically plan on how to execute all the above stages of life in order to go through the successfully. However most of them shy away from planning for their last day presumably due to the sensitivity that mankind has created around the issue and time has come for us to accept reality and live with it. Its time we approached this issue differently for it can be quite helpful.

Why should retirees talk about, prepare and plan for the last day?

One of the reasons why we work so hard during our career life is to create wealth not only for our own but for future generations. Sometimes this wealth can however be a curse rather than a blessing to that future generation. Everyone would want their children to coexist peacefully even after their demise. But that has not been the case always. Families have time and again irreversibly broken due to sibling rivalry over inheritance property. To avoid such a scenario retirees should take the necessary steps and distribute their properties as they wish while they still have time. Nobody knows the day or the hour. Get a supplement plan when you get medicare B at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.comMedicare Supplement plans 2019

I also believe that the persons who are mostly affected by death are the ones left behind after the demise of their loved one. I must also say that in some conditions and especially at old age death is foreseeable. A good example would be when suffering from age related terminal conditions, or when one is too old and natural death seems like the only possible next thing. At this point, it’s advisable for the elderly to talk to their loved ones, let them know that they are at ease with the condition. This makes it easy for them to accept whenever it happens and saves lot from suffering immense emotional pain and breakdown. As such moving on becomes easy for them and that’s a good thing. It’s a natural phenomenon just like the others. Let’s accept and talk about it.