Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors

Different Types of Mattresses for Seniors

Latex mattresses

Such products have excellent orthopedic qualities, thanks to which the spine is supported. In addition, latex mattresses for the elderly are moderately rigid, and for patients, it is very important. Each part of the product has a certain degree of rigidity, corresponding to the needs of different areas of the body. Latex products are made of a material that absorbs moisture well, evaporating for a very long time. This is important to remember if your elderly relative has bladder problems. In such a situation, you should choose a mattress with a removable coating with water-repellent properties.

Foam mattresses (water-latex or biloxyl-latex)

These mattresses are less elastic than the models described above. Such mattresses are suitable only for people with normal weight.

Mattresses with solid spring block

Products differ in the fact that springs in them are connected so that continuous weaving is formed. According to reviews, such a mattress for an elderly person has several unpleasant features. For example, if you lie on it, then gradually you slide into the center, and if you turn over, you will feel vibrations across the entire surface of the product. Another major drawback to these mattresses is that the springs squeak strongly. In other words, if you select a mattress for an elderly person with a sore back, this is not the best option.

Mattresses with independent spring blocks

The model differs from the above in that the springs have covers that are sewn together, which prevents their friction and the appearance of an unpleasant sound. Such products allow you to distribute the load point.

Anti-decubitus mattresses

They are divided into two types: static and dynamic. Which mattress is best for an older person with limited mobility? Static models are suitable for such people because they protect against the appearance of pressure sores due to the fact that the product can adapt to the features of the body and evenly distribute the pressure.

Double-sided mattresses

Double-sided mattresses can be excellent for patients suffering from chronic spinal disease. They are also very convenient to use because during a period of a severe illness it is possible to turn it upwards with a rigid base, and when everything is back to normal, the senior can easily lie on the soft side. About Medicare advantage plan for older adults in the US: Medigap or advantage plans cover copay and coinsurance which aren’t included in a Traditional Medicare Program.