Diseases That May Lead to Burning Feet in Seniors: Part 1

Diseases That May Lead to Burning Feet in Seniors: Part 1


A burning sensation in the feet may occur due to the constant contact of the skin with an irritant, which can be both shoe material (this primarily refers to low-quality synthetics) and the fabric from which trousers or stockings are sewn (socks, tights). In this case, the older people will have a burning sensation with itching, redness, and swelling. In addition, figuring out why older people have burned legs, we note such an irritant as household chemicals or cosmetics (such as soap, foot skin care products, creams, etc.). In order to avoid such situations, experts recommend to carefully get acquainted not only with the composition of the means used but also with the expiration date.

Varicose veins

For older patients, especially for women, varicose veins are quite common. Progressive varicose veins are characterized by loss of veins in the legs, weakening of their walls, in connection with which they stretch and expand, and blood begins to circulate abnormally. Among the early symptoms of varicose veins include fatigue in the legs and the appearance of puffiness in the legs. In this case, the person may encounter a burning sensation in the calf area, rising to the knees. The most active symptoms will appear in the evening and at night, passing to the morning. However, failure to take therapeutic measures might lead to the progression of the disease, in addition to the unpleasant sensation of burning in the veins, sooner or later. The person might also encounter cramps in their legs.


Another very common reason that might lead to burning legs in seniors is a fungal infection. Fungal diseases are quite complex, and it is not always possible to notice them in a timely manner. Most often, the fungus primarily affects the folds between the fingers, and by the time you realize it, the skin itches badly start peeling and causes a severe burning sensation in the legs.


The symptoms of diabetes may also include the appearance of a burning sensation in the legs. Such a disorder is treated exclusively by a medical professional; the therapy is based on maintaining normal insulin levels in the blood. During treatment, an elderly person needs to monitor the condition of the feet, including checking whether new ulcers have appeared, using exceptionally mild care products, and carefully and correctly performing a pedicure.

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