Tonometers for Seniors

Tonometers for Seniors

Tonometers for seniors can be selected taking into account the characteristics of the patient, that is, their age, state of health, lifestyle. The results may be incorrect if the patient has impaired hearing and vision. Purchasing a blood pressure monitor for home usage is not an easy task. Why Tonometers for older people should be in every home? Blood pressure is the pressure that turns blood on the artery walls. There are two indicators of blood pressure:

  • Systolic (upper) – the pressure level at the time when the heart muscle contracts and the blood is pushed into the arteries;
  • Diastolic (lower) – the level of pressure at the moment when the heart muscle is relaxed.

It is believed that the normal indicators of the upper pressure are 110-130 mm. Tonometers for the elderly should be in every home to keep track of the blood pressure and always be sure that everything is fine with grandparents. Increased blood pressure is manifested by a headache, redness of the face, the appearance of “flies before the eyes,” a decrease in efficiency, and a deterioration in memory. In addition to hypertension in older people, there is also hypotension, that is, a condition in which the pressure drops below normal.

Low pressure is accompanied by symptoms such as a headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations that occur during exercise. Tonometers for the elderly can determine the level of pressure. If the above symptoms are present, and the device shows too high or low rates, then immediate medical care should be considered. Blood pressure should be monitored by all people, but the elderly are particularly at risk. To track the indicators on your own, we recommend the use of blood pressure monitors for the elderly. Their manufacturers offer a wide range of models with various functions.

Tonometers: How to Choose the Right Manufacturer

Omron (Japan) is a manufacturer that manufactures various devices, including blood pressure monitors for the elderly. They create quality models, however, their cost is 25-50% more than the cost of similar devices from another company. Microlife (Switzerland) – manufacturer of medical equipment for home and hospital use. The company produces electronic tonometers, heaters, equipment for asthmatics. It was Microlife who released the first mercury-free thermometers. Medigap Plans: Are you a senior citizen living in the United States & above 65? Take a look at Medicare supplement plans.